Welcome to Reception!

I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend after your first dew days in school. I think you did remarkably well last week and I can’t wait to see you all next week. Here’s a few reminders of what we got up to…
Our First Days on PhotoPeach

Thank you! 

Good evening everyone! Hope you’ve all had a lovely long lie in and a lazy day. The reception staff and I met up for tea last night and we all wanted to share with you our gratitude and appreciation for all the cards, flowers, gifts and kind measages! We were truely over whelmed with your kindness. Have a super summer, recharge your batteries and have lots of fun! Xxx

Race for life! (And Mrs England’s finger!) sorry 

 A super day! Well done everyone, thanks for all your donations  xxx   


Sports Day 2015

Chester zoo and the rain! 

What a fabulous day!!! I bet you’re all in bed now. We walked your socks off. Thank you to all the fabulous helpers… We’ve probably put you off helping for life!!! Hope you had lots of stories to share! See you all tomorrow. Sleep tight x 


I’ll be leaving you next week…

in good hands! 

As part of our transition process I will be spending the week in Nursery. If you have any problems or concerns please feel free to pop in and see me. I am still over seeing and responsible for all the learning taking place in reception. Hope you are all having a super weekend! Leave a comment if you want to share your news. See you Monday! 

Football Fortnight!


The rabbits have landed!

We are reading the rabbit problem. Ask your children about the book. Next week we’ll be planting carrots, printing with carrots, sequencing bunnies and lots more. Have a lovely weekend…and please, whoever has my voice can you give it back!!! IMG_0383






Digital Green Park

Italian Day with a little bit of sharing!

flagItalian Day and Sharing! on PhotoPeach