Ask me about halving…

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We’re still in Brazil… 

Hope you are all enjoying the journey through the rainforest. I’m hoping we’ll discover another part of brazil this week. I wonder where we’ll go next?? 

Happy Summer Term Reception!

Thank you so much for sending in all of your photographs and observations to Tapestry. It helps us with our assessments and judgements of your child’s early years profile plus it is lovely to see all of the wonderful experiences and learning that goes on at home.

We hope you are all refreshed and ready for a busy term of learning.  Over the next 5 weeks we are jumping on board a jumbo jet and visiting some new places. We are having a big focus on talking in full sentences to help us with our writing.  So I’m sure you would like to help by talking lots at home, asking us about the new places we are learning about.  The first stop is London….

Throughout the week you can ‘Ask me about’…

The Union Jack, landmarks in London and ‘The Queens Knickers’

The role play area will be an airport so if you have any small unwanted suitcases we can borrow or have we would be very grateful. Thank you.

Pets at Home

Pets at Home on PhotoPeach

Looking for signs of spring…

The weather has been so beautiful over the last  couple of days! Let’s hope it stays. Ask the children if they can remember what  we saw and talked about.

Stay and read every Monday! 

A fabulous morning making yummy caterpillars!

The hungry caterpillar on PhotoPeach